About the author)s

The team of ‘Media about Development’ bloggers and journalists (mostly current and former colleagues, teachers and students from Comenius university in Bratislava and Palacky university in Olomouc) has been coached and led by global journalist and educator: Boba Markovič Baluchová.

Dr. Markovic Baluchova worked as a lecturer at Department of Development and Environmental Studies, Palacky University in Olomouc, Czechia. She has been providing global journalism and media literacy trainings for several NGOs and universities in Slovakia nd Czechia. Her research is focused on community development programs, international volunteering for development, media coverage of global challenges. She earned her Master’s degrees in geology (Comenius university, Slovakia, 2003), journalism (Comenius university, Slovakia, 2008), documentary artwork (VŠMU, Slovakia, 2014) and public health administration (St. Elizabeth University, Slovakia, 2015). She also holds a PhD. degree in environmental mineralogy from Comenius University, Slovakia (2010) and another PhD. degree in International development studies from Palacky University, Czechia (2021). In 2011 she founded Slovak NGO: DocUnion with ‘Media about Development’ blogging platform. In 2012 she was a part of the project team focusing on climate change and peer solidarity (implemented by Caritas Slovakia and funded by EuropeAid). In 2013 she worked as development field worker in Kenya (as a part of Trnava University social and health care project in the Kwale region). In 2014 she received National Journalism Award for her blogs: ‘Lessons of Development’ / ‘Lekcie rozvoja’, organized by NOS: Open Society Fund in Slovakia. In 2015-17 she worked as communication consultant for UNDP for Europe and CIS in Moldova, Montenegro and Ukraine, in 2018 she worked for ADRA Slovakia. She is responsible for Media and information literacy (MIL), solution journalism and development journalism workshops, as well as pre-departure trainings for future development volunteers. She conducted her field research in Slovakia (2003-2019), Czechia (2012-2019), Kenya (2013-2014), Moldova (2015-2019), India (2015) and Samoa (2019). She works as a researcher and communications manager for Ambrela – Platform for Development organizations now.

The entire team of bloggers, storytellers and photographers – #MediaAboutDev volunteers is passionate about solution journalism, development journalism and responsible writing about global challenges. Thanks for reading our eye-opening and hope-based articles.