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Birth registration is an important tool to prevent statelessness

Ms Inge Sturkenboom has been working with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Europe since 2012 as a Protection Officer – working on statelessness in the region. She wanted to assist refugees and stateless persons who cannot count … Continue reading

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MediaAboutDev editor-in-chief at PechaKucha Night Auckland

“Despite my age I remember many important moments from Velvet revolution (1989). After Iron curtain fell down (and also later – after Czechoslovakia break up in 1993) many U.S. volunteers arrived to my home country / Slovakia as English-teachers. They … Continue reading

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To destroy our prejudices & stereotypes about other countries

Czechoslovakia as socialistic country (under the Soviet influence) used to provide international aid as a part of solidarity gesture to other socialistic countries until the year 1989. After the Velvet revolution Slovakia became the beneficiary of overseas assistance – country … Continue reading

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