Online discussion on ‘Education and crisis: Echoes of Ukraine’

The war in Ukraine has shaken the world. We can see the disastrous effects of the invasion and armed conflict through the eyes of the refugees now seeking shelter in EU countries. War, with its brutality and its giant consequences, can make us feel powerless. Even so, we cannot stay still. And, actually, European citizens, and European educators, are not staying still. We are mobilising our civil efforts, solidarity, skills and competences to tackle this aggression.

EPALE wants to add a tile more to this collective response. We want to encourage our community to reflect on the role of adult learning and education in this challenging time. We want to share ideas and practices, to see how education can get ready to and react to crises, and help tackle them.

On Thursday 17 March 2022, from 10 am to 16 pm CET, EPALE will be hosting an online discussion, where we will discuss crisis education and the role adult learning can have to cope with the effects of conflicts and emergency situations.

The written discussion will be introduced by a live stream (10-10.40 am CET), with three hosts sharing their perspectives and experiences. Our Dr. Boba Markovič Baluchová from DocUnion NGO, blogging platform and AMBRELA platform will be one of the speakers too.

Dr. Boba Markovič Baluchová is an expert and researcher on media literacy, solution journalism, hope-based communication and responsible media coverage of global challenges. She is the communications manager at the Platform for Development organisations – Ambrela in Bratislava, Slovakia. Boba also founded the DocUnion NGO, focusing on Media and literacy trainings for adult learners and the blogging platform, Media about Development. 

The live stream will be followed by a moderated written discussion, hosting the contributions of our EPALE community members. More info here:

About Media about Development

Writing hope-based stories and reporting about global challenges, international development topics, community development projects (in Slovak, Czech and English language)
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