On lessons learned and challenges of humanitarian Volunteering (‘EU Aid volunteers’ initiative)

“Thanks to ADRA Czechia and ADRA Slovakia for inviting me to the final part of this project, called TEHV – Towards effective humanitarian volunteering. What a privilege and happiness to moderate and facilitate an international dissemination event on lessons learned and challenges of humanitarian Volunteering. We’ve heard many inspiring stories from the field – in main plenary room during the panel discussion, as well as in four smaller break-out rooms. Let’s hope I’ll be able to meet all those 48 EU aid volunteers and EUAV-enthusiasts in action face-to-face soon.” – Boba M. Baluchova (CEO / DocUnion NGO, Researcher and Communications manager / Ambrela.org, Editor-in-chief / MediaAbout.dev)

About Media about Development

Writing hope-based stories and reporting about global challenges, international development topics, community development projects (in Slovak, Czech and English language)
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