Slovak ambassador in Kenya promoted CHWs to Local ambassadors

At the end of September Slovak ambassador in Kenya Dr. Michal Mlynar left Nairobi for few days and visited Slovak-Kenyan development project in Kwale county. He was very content about the work done by Community health workers. He believes in sustainability and future cooperation in this region.

On Friday (20th of September) the Slovak ambassador H.E. Dr. Michal Mlynar visited nutrition center in Kwale district hospital again after four months. He wanted to see the last activities of Slovak-Kenyan development project, done in cooperation between Trnava University and Kwale district hospital – funded by Slovak Aid.

Slovak field workers (together with development volunteer – IT trainer: Pavol Markovic) presented to the Slovak ambassador, his deputy, his wife and two children – what are the successes and future challenges of anti-malnutrition program in Kwale region. Dr. Mlynar said: “I am here to be sure that this project, called ‘Socio-medical care for malnourished children under 5 years and their mothers in the Kwale region’ helped to decrease malnutrition in this coast area of Kenya. I am proud of your work towards reducing child mortality and improving child health.”

Honoured guests – during the presentation of successful activities of Slovak-Kenyan development project in Kwale. Photo: Palo Markovic

Dr. Mlynar gave the Community health workers (CHWs) from Kwale, Tiwi and Mkongani very special title: “You are now local ambassadors, because you are going to carry the responsibility for continual helping your own community – thanks to education, awareness raising about nutrition topic and screening local children. It is very tough job but I am sure you will do your best to fulfill it – with the support of Kwale county”. After the speeches of representatives from Ministry of Health and Kwale district hospital (Mr. Mohamed Shambe, Dr. Kevin Kinyua, Dr. Hajara Al-Busaidy) Mr. Hemed Ramadhan Mwabudzo from Kwale County Decentralized Units and Urban areas said many positive and supportive words towards Slovak team and local partners. On behalf of Kwale County he promised to keep an eye on the project with full support: “Health is crucial topic in our region. Healthy and educated children are our future. Nutrition programs are very welcome in this area. We shall continue in these well-designed activities…”

Slovak guests could visit Slovak-Kenyan nutrition centre in the area of Kwale hospital: examination room for malnourished clients under 5 years; corridor for counselling and educating the mothers; well organized store – full of supplements; specialized project library with almost 180 books – thanks to donation from Mr. Chris Modigell and Albert NGO; and sample kitchen garden.

Slovak ambassador Dr. Mlynar, his deputy Mr. Jezek and his family – after the visit of Kwale nutrition center. Photo: Palo Markovic

Honoured guests of Friday’s event could watch the presentation about Slovakia (little big country in the heart of Europe – provided by Slovak field workers). Slovak ambassador with his colleague and family were surprised by very original drama as a part of cultural program, done by CHWs. They presented to the audience the social aspects of malnutrition in Kwale region and also their daily work in few short visually attractive stories. This kind of drama is very helpful and understandable during the health-talks to mothers from local community.

Writen by: Dr. Bozena Baluchova (development field worker of Trnava University in Kenya), Photo: Palo Markovic (development volunteer in Kenya)

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