Slovak team of development workers visited Kwale county governor

Eventhough new Kwale county governor, H.E. Salim Mvurya, is very busy person these days, he was able to save his time for interesting visit of Slovak field workers from Trnava University and the representatives from Kwale district hospital – to discuss about Slovak-Kenyan development cooperation in the coastal parts of Kenya.


Slovak team from Trnava University (field workers: Dr. Bozena Baluchova, Mr. Michal Miadok and development volunteer: Mr. Pavol Markovic) and two representatives of the Kwale District Hospital (Dr. Kevin Kinyua and Dr. Hatim Dosaji) visited the governor of Kwale County in his office at the beginning of summer. H.E. Salim Mvurya together with Kwale county Secretary Martin Mwaro were interested in the way – how the University from Slovakia is cooperating with Kwale district hospital and how they are fighting against malnutrition and child mortality in the region of Kwale.

Slovak team presented to Mr. Mvurya tha last phase of two-year development project, called “Social and health care for malnourished children under 5 years and their mothers in the Kwale region”, fiunded by Slovak Aid. They mentioned to him the construction of nutrition center in Kwale; furnishing two rural centers in Tiwi and Mkongani; distribution of the supplements (porridge, beans, vitamins); establishment of a specialized medical library; planting the seeds by mothers in model gardens in the area of Kwale district hospital.

Slovak team presented to Mr. Mvurya tha last phase of two-year Slovak-Kenyan development project in the Kwale region, fiunded by Slovak Aid. Photo: Pavol Markovic

Trnava University is also providing educational activities for the local community – lectures for mothers of malnourished children in anti-nutrition program (about breastfeeding, nutrition and hygiene); as well as workshops for community health workers (nowadays mostly about Computer basics, led by IT specialist from Slovakia: Mr. Pavol Markovic). Mr. Mvurya expressed both local partners (representatives of Trnava University and Kwale district hospital) support and gratitude: “Thank you for this type of Slovak-Kenyan development cooperation in Kwale. The areas, such as health, education and ICT, in which you are working, are also our priorities.”

Slovak experts also emphasized the collection and evaluation of data about nutrition/malnutrition in the region. Mr. Governor, who is familiar with some ICT projects in Kenya, was curious about ongoing trainings of Computer basics and transfering the data from paper record books into computer. It is one of the project’s priorities to teach community health workers from nutritional centers in Kwale, Tiwi and Mkongani – how to operate the computers and how to fill in the data.

Mr. Mvurya promised to Slovak team of field workers another meeting in the summer time with focus on the sustainability of the current project and planning a new Slovak-Kenyan development cooperation project. It should be focused on the achievement of Millennium Development Goals and the needs of the local community (most likely the education and food security).

Written by: Bozena Baluchova (development worker @ Trnava University), Photo by: Pavol Markovic (development volunteer @ Trnava University)

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